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Nyt om chefinstruktør Gasshuku og Gishiki

Dear IOGKF families,

I hope you, your family and your members are all doing well during this difficult time.

After consulting with Higaonna Sensei, the IOGKF Executive Committee and Advisors, I am announcing the cancellation of this year’s Chief Instructor Gasshuku in October. We are still planning to have the Traditional Karate Gishiki next year in the summer of 2021. We know that the Tokyo Olympics are now scheduled in late July next year. However, to appeal to the present Japanese Government for the UNESCO registration, it is important to hold the event next year.
I will inform you once we have the date for the Gishiki.

I hope that this pandemic will soon be over, and that we will be able to train together.

Tetsuji Nakamura


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