Dear IOGKF Family !

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Dear IOGKF Family !

I just spoke with Higaonna Sensei and congratulated his performance at Karate Kaikan yesterday “Karate Day”, October 25th.
He told me that as he can’t walk, he did Tensho Kata on wheelchair and did kakie with Uehara Sensei. He sounded very happy.
He told me that now he can walk a little without cane in the room which is a big improvement since last week.
His spirit is very strong, and his body follows his strong spirit.
Our conversation always ends with him talking about 2023 Budosai (Karate-Gishiki). Please start speaking about this event to your students. Let’s bring many students to this event to surprise Higaonna Sensei.
Tetsuji Nakamura

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